free advice before you apply for social security disability (ssd) or supplemental security income (ssi)

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can be complex and confusing. Whether you have already started your application or are still thinking about applying, we want to help you. CONTACT US TODAY to discuss the details of your individual situation.

get help from someone who works with social security all the time, someone who can tailor a winning strategy just for you.

3 reasons to call us before you apply:

  1. we will give you a free case evaluation and discuss the application and appeals process;

  2. we will help you complete your application to ensure that it is done correctly so your claim is not delayed. and, we will help you accurately describe your past work and medical conditions so the social security administration does not incorrectly believe that you are capable of doing more than you actually are; and

  3. we will stay on top of your disability case to make sure that everything is proceeding as quickly as possible. we will provide you with information and direction regarding what you can do to help get your disability claim approved.

statistics show that disability claimants represented by a disability attorney are more likely to be approved for benefits. if you are considering applying for social security disability or supplemental security income, contact us today to improve your chances of winning your claim.

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