Disability Lawyer vs. "Advocate": Do You Know Who's Representing You?

When you’re choosing who to hire as your Social Security Disability (SSD) representative, it’s important to know whether your representative is a disability lawyer or an “advocate.”

We’ve all seen the TV commercials offering Social Security Disability representation, and a quick internet search turns up countless businesses offering to put you in contact with a local disability representative. What these advertisements don’t tell you is that your representative is likely going to be an “advocate",” not a lawyer.

A disability lawyer is going to have much more training, better knowledge, and a more thorough understanding of the Social Security system and its complex rules and regulations. This means that a disability lawyer is likely to give you a better chance of winning your disability case than an “advocate.”

And, disability “advocates” are limited to administrative work; they cannot file a lawsuit and represent you in Federal Court against the Social Security Administration if necessary. Do you think that the Social Security Administration doesn’t know this? Who do you think Social Security fears more: an “advocate” who can’t follow through or a disability attorney who can sue them?

The most surprising thing about “advocates,” however, is the fact that they will charge you the same fee as an actual disability attorney. If your legal fees are going to be the same, why would you not want a highly-educated, thoroughly trained, licensed attorney fighting for you?

At Cole Disability Law, you are guaranteed to be represented by Disability Lawyer Dustin W. Cole; not an assistant, not an associate, not an “advocate.” And, we will never charge you a fee unless and until we are successful in winning your Social Security Disability appeal.

When you have so much at stake, make sure you know who’s representing you.

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