When you are choosing who to hire as your social security disability representative, it is important to know whether your representative is a disability lawyer or an "advocate."

We've all seen the TV commercials offering Social Security Disability representation, and a quick internet search turns up countless businesses offering to put you in contact with a disability representative. What these advertisements don't tell you is that your representative is likely going to be an "advocate" rather than a disability lawyer.

A disability lawyer is going to have more education, more training, a better understanding of the complex Social Security laws and regulations, and more specific knowledge of the system than an "advocate."


social security disability attorney vs. "advocate"

When you are fighting for SSD benefits, it is imperative that you have proper legal representation. Social Security's laws and regulations are lengthy and complex, and disability attorneys have extensive training in how to interpret those laws and regulations. Statistics indicate that disability claimants with quality legal representation have a far greater chance at winning their benefits than those who do not.

A disability attorney attends many years of school, endures difficult and strict testing, and is held to the highest ethical standards by state bar associations. On the other hand, "advocates" are not required to attend any particular or specialized schooling and are not regulated by any organization or association. In fact, "advocates" can receive their training to handle your disability case from an online, "work at home" program. Who would you rather have fighting for your disability benefits?

at cole disability law, we guarantee all our clients that they will be represented only by a licensed disability attorney. we do not employ any "advocates."

A disability "advocate" is also limited to administrative work. They are permitted to assist you in completing forms and represent you at the administrative level. But, if your "advocate" is not able to win your case at the administrative level and you have to file a lawsuit in Federal District Court to obtain your disability benefits, you may find yourself without the help of a disability representative. A disability attorney can handle every aspect of your disability case from start to finish, with no restrictions.

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"advocate" fees

Perhaps the most surprising thing about disability "advocates," however, is the fact that they will charge you the same fees as a disability attorney. If your fees are going to be the same, why would you not want a highly educated, highly trained, licensed attorney fighting for you?

at cole disability law, we never charge you a fee unless and until we are successful in winning your social security disability benefits.

do you know who is representing you?

If you aren't sure if you are talking to a disability attorney or an "advocate," all you have to do is ask. If you still aren't sure, ask where they went to law school, what state(s) they are licensed in, and what their bar number is.

contact us today to hire a disability lawyer that has the education, training, and skill to help you win your disability benefits case.