we handle social security disability cases just like yours

Some law firms only dabble in Social Security Disability (SSD) work. It is a complement, or an additional practice area, to their main focus. At Cole Disability Law, our SSD clients are not a side business, or something we take lightly; they are our #1 priority. CALL US NOW if you are ready to put the trial-tested, singularly focused disability firm of Cole Disability Law in your corner.

the social security disability laws and regulations are complex

When the disability benefits that you desperately need are at risk, you can't afford to have an attorney who may only occasionally handle disability cases representing you. You need a disability attorney that knows the laws, knows the regulations, and understands the complexities and nuances. We are proud to offer you our full support during this difficult and necessary process. 

we can help you no matter where you live

Thanks to our state-of-the-art computer software, we are able to bring our high-quality disability services to you regardless of where you live. Most of the work we do can be performed via phone, mail, or e-mail. And, the location of your disability hearing will be determined by where you live, not by our office location. We have taken distance out of the disability equation. Now, you can utilize our aggressive, trial-tested disability services no matter where you live.

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Whether you're applying for disability benefits or had your claim denied, let Disability Lawyer Dustin W. Cole help you win your case. Call Cole Disability Law today to put a trial-tested disability attorney on your side.