while there is no surefire way to guarantee that you will win your social security disability case, there are ways that you can greatly increase your chances of a successful outcome.

hire a HIGH-quality disability lawyer

Statistics show that Social Security Disability (SSD) claimants that are represented by a high-quality disability attorney are more likely to win their disability case and be awarded benefits. You don't even have to leave your house to have Cole Disability Law help you. We have implemented a high-tech computer system that allows us to represent you no matter where you live. All you have to do is CALL US or fill out our FREE FORM and we can start evaluating your case.

make sure you fill out and return all forms that social security sends to you

Social Security is undoubtedly going to send you forms regarding your work and medical history. They will also send you authorizations that enable them to obtain your medical records for their review. It is imperative that you complete all these forms and return them to Social Security as fast as possible. Failure to do so may delay your disability claim or, even worse, cause your claim to be denied for non-medical reasons.

attend all meetings that social security schedules for you

Social Security may ask you to come into their office for some follow-up questions, or clarification of information on your disability application. Additionally, they may schedule you to have an independent medical examination by a doctor of their choosing. Be sure to follow-up with Social Security as necessary, including attending any requested medical examinations. Don't worry about what the doctor might say; we can handle that later.

Keep us updated on your medical treatment

Inform us of any changes in your medical treatment, including new doctors that you are treating with or any new tests or treatments. We will obtain any new medical records, review them, and make sure Social Security has them in their files.

be patient

Oftentimes, the most difficult aspect of a disability case for our clients is the length of time that it takes. It can take anywhere from several months to a few years to win your case. Use this time wisely; keep treating with your physicians, focusing on your health, and keeping us informed. We use this time to thoroughly prepare your case so, when the day comes for your appeal hearing, we can win your long-awaited disability benefits.

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seek the medical care of a specialist

This is vitally important in mental health cases or disability claims involving ongoing pain. Social Security looks very favorably at the opinions of specialists. Although you may regularly treat with your primary care physician or family doctor, their opinions may not be sufficient to convince Social Security that you are disabled.

attend all doctors appointments and follow their treatment plan

Do not stop going to your doctor, and do not deviate from their plan of treatment. If you are prescribed certain medications, make sure that you are getting those prescriptions filled. If you are advised to have specific testing done, schedule an appointment to have the test performed. Follow the doctor's orders exactly.

make sure your doctor knows your limitations

All too often, people try to minimize their disabilities. This can be fatal to your disability case. If you cannot walk like you used to, make sure your doctor knows. If you can only sit for a limited period of time, make sure your doctor is aware. If it takes you three hours to perform a task that used to take you twenty minutes, be sure to advise your doctor. Details win disability cases. Now is not the time to minimize your condition.

get help with your disability claim today

Whether you're applying for disability benefits or had your claim denied, let Disability Lawyer Dustin W. Cole help you win your case. Call Cole Disability Law now to put a trial-tested disability attorney on your side.