don't be fooled: the social security disability process is not "non-adversarial"

The Social Security Disability program is set up as a non-adversarial system. This means that the laws, rules, and regulations are written in a way that tries to make it seem like your case is reviewed neutrally; that Social Security doesn't really have an interest one way or another if you are awarded disability benefits. Even your disability appeal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge is supposed to be an "informal, non-adversarial proceeding."

But, if you ask anyone who has been through the process, they will likely tell you that reality is quite the opposite. Many disability applications are denied because Social Security claims that a medical condition is not "severe enough," or because they believe that a person is "capable of performing other types of work" than they have done in the past. It's easy to see why so many people feel that Social Security is doing everything it can to prevent them from getting the disability benefits they need. It's easy to understand why this "non-adversarial" process is actually quite adversarial.

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Most Social Security Disability lawyers who have never practiced any other type of law have been lulled into the seemingly robotic process of representing disability claimants. They gather your medical records, forward everything to Social Security, and appear at your hearing to make sure the judge knows your medical conditions. Unfortunately, these attorneys aren't true litigators or advocates. They go through the process; but, are they fighting for you?

Before deciding to represent Social Security Disability claimants full-time, our Disability Attorney, Dustin W. Cole, gained extensive litigation experience in the areas of criminal defense and civil litigation. As a criminal defense attorney, he has personally represented thousands of clients at all stages of the criminal process, and has been involved in several high-profile murder cases. He knows how to efficiently prepare a case and to present a winning argument at the crucial moment.

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At Cole Disability Law, Disability Attorney Dustin W. Cole utilizes the skills he has honed as a criminal defense attorney to successfully represent clients and help them win their disability benefits. We are a true litigation firm, prepared and excited to orchestrate your case and present it in a persuasive manner that could win the disability benefits you desperately need. When the time comes, you need to know that your disability lawyer has the experience and ability to be successful. 

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Whether you're applying for disability benefits or had your claim denied, let Disability Lawyer Dustin W. Cole help you win your case. Call Cole Disability Law today to put a trial-tested disability attorney on your side.