Most people who apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are denied after their first application - you are not alone. Our office doesn’t give up. We provide you with a FREE CASE EVALUATION and explain the reason(s) you were denied and tailor a personalized strategy to help you win your disability appeal.

if we can’t win your disability appeal and secure the benefits you need, there is no fee for our services.

disability appeals process

The Social Security Administration has a vast quantity of rules and regulations. Because of this, it is imperative that you have a licensed disability lawyer (not an “advocate”) on your side who understands the process and has the skill and tenacity to fight for your benefits.

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If your initial application for SSD or SSI benefits is denied, we will request an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Your hearing before the ALJ is the most important step in your disability case because it is your first, and often only, opportunity to explain your situation, first-hand, to a person with the ability to approve your disability benefits claim. It is vital that you, your case, and your evidence are well-prepared for the ALJ hearing.

Thorough Preparation For Your Disability Appeal Hearing

At Cole Disability Law, everything we do is aimed at fighting for you and your disability benefits. Disability Lawyer Dustin W. Cole will meet with you prior to your disability appeal hearing to make sure you understand what to expect. We have the resources and abilities to fight for you and your case every step of the way by:

  • explaining and helping you understand the process;

  • creating a custom strategy for your disability appeal;

  • reviewing your disability file provided by Social Security;

  • preparing your case by obtaining, organizing, and providing important medical records and opinions to Social Security;

  • preparing you to testify before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ); and

  • questioning, cross-examining, and attacking the testimony of medical and vocational experts.

social security will have experts on their side

In most cases, Social Security will have their own medical and vocational experts to provide testimony and reports about your medical condition(s) and your ability to work to the ALJ. If these experts’ reports and testimony are not properly attacked, your chances of winning disability benefits greatly decreases. Disability Lawyer Dustin W. Cole brings trial-tested advocacy skills to your disability case and attacks Social Security’s “experts.”